How to Uncover Your “Aha!” Money Moments  

Podcast with Rick McDonald discussing a-ha or epiphany moments when it comes to managing your money: “An a-ha moment is when all of a sudden, you get what it is you’re supposed to do with a portion of money, and you see that pathway to having that goal, that vision come into fruition. And all of a sudden, there’s clarity of purpose. There’s more objective. It’s purposefulness.

How to Talk About Money With Your Family

Podcast with Rick McDonald, President of U.S. advisory group, discussing why it’s hard to talk money with your family, and how US Advisory can help: “See, it’s not talking about the money. It’s talking about the family in a way that is insightful. That it creates pride, creates ownership of being part of this tribe. That begins to develop a nurturing sense of using the wealth of the family, both familial, spiritual, intellectual and monetary in a way that’s helpful, useful, productive for the family, responsible for the family.”

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